Lee Cougars One Step at a Time Pedometer Challenge

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UPDATE #2: WE NEED 75 SOCIAL MEDIA SHARES BY 3/27 TO QUALIFY FOR THE GRAND PRIZES! PLEASE HELP OUT AND SHARE AWAY!! // UPDATE #1: WOW! - we reached our goal! Thank you. Any additional donations will go toward purchasing line striping equipment so Coach can set up playing fields and/or mark walking/running courses for students, their families, and neighbors. Thanks again for supporting the Lee Cougars. // Robert E Lee Elementary is a small school with big ideas about health. At the top of our list is to create a “Campus Culture” centered on wellness. Last year we held a successful 'Water Bottle Warrior' challenge to provide all teachers and staff with customized water bottles to help them promote the fundamental goal of drinking more water by modeling this healthy behavior to students in the classroom and throughout the building. This year for our "It's time Texas" fundraising goal we are focusing on our students. As part of ongoing school-wide participation in the Mayor's fitness initiative, our 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students will be taking part in a pedometer challenge later this year. We want to get our younger students in on the activity monitoring action, too -- but we need pedometers for them to do it! We are raising funds to purchase 150 'Lee Cougar' branded pedometers, enough for every student in Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade to have one. We understand the importance of exercise and physical activity for the students academic success and overall well-being. Having every student in the school equipped with a pedometer or equivalent monitoring device will allow us to set up school-wide walking challenges this spring, and after. We plan to organize a 'bike or walk to school day' to support this challenge and to provide another way to emphasize the fun and benefits of activity. This fund-raising challenge will strengthen and promote a culture of fitness and activity at Lee Elementary, and the pedometers will motivate the students to exercise more at school and at home with their families.

Partial Funding Plan

While the goal is to ensure every student at the school has a pedometer or other activity monitoring device, if we do not reach the fundraising goal we will purchase as many pedometers as we can to be shared among the targeted K-2 students.

Healthy Activities

Friday night futsal (indoor soccer)
Wear RED for women's heart health, thanks to the CSH team
Demonstrating 'Go Noodle' before the annual talent show
PreK Yoga and Yoga mat giveaway by North American Spine http://tinyurl.com/Lee-PreK-Yoga Special thanks to the Pre-K teachers who were alert to this opportunity!
Our student representative will make these announcements all week.
The lucky winners of the water bottle drawing! The PTA donated water bottles, and any students who chose 'GO' beverages on Thirsty Thursdays were entered into the drawing. Congratulations to the lucky winners!
Organizing participation in the White Rock Spring Games! We made a strong showing last year and are hoping to field more teams this year. Lots of fun from K through 5!
Futsal friday before spring break - either one of those kids was really tall or a Dad was in on the action! :-)
Our student CSH representative after reading another one of the It's Time Texas healthy announcements over the PA
We got them! The tracking bands for the 'UNICEF kid power' challenge arrived. In this program the 3rd-5th graders (along with staff) will track their activity. Activity is tracked as 'Kid power points' that are then converted into dollars that are used to purchase food for malnourished children. Our students are engaged in a friendly competition for a good cause!
The PTA is in on the action! This is our PTA president showing off the signed It's Time Texas pledge.
Next big event for the Robert E Lee kids: 'Get Kidz Fit' presented by the Dallas Area coalition to prevent childhood obesity. There will be obstacle courses, rock climbing, inflatables, food demos, games, and giveaways. If it is half as fun as the Mayor's race we did in December it'll be a rocking good time!
YOWSA! Now that is working as a team. After only one week of participating in the UNICEF Kid Power program, one of the Robert E Lee teams is just off the lead, in second place! Good work, kids, keep it up!
If we are asking the kids to choose healthier snacks, we need to do the same ourselves. Here is some evidence we are: another PTA meeting, another set of healthy snacks!
This is a 'found art' poster made by one of our first graders to celebrate the first 120 days of school. Pretty cool that he wrote 'drink water' using bottle tops -- last year our It's Time Texas challenge was water bottle warriors, to purchase all the teachers and staff bottles to model healthy behavior.
This is brain awareness week at Robert E Lee. Each day this week features CSH-sponsored brain health announcements over the PA. In addition, to these school-wide announcements, our coach will be discussing brains and how exercise affects their activity during all PE classes this week.
This is the CSH announcement inviting staff to participate in interval/cardio training one day and a healthy potluck on another. Students, parents, and teachers/staff are all in on encouraging healthy living!
Here is a screen shot from the new Robert E Lee PTA Facebook page. One of the ways we use the page is to provide tips and resources to encourage healthy lifestyles. This example is a link to '10 ways to bite into a healthy lifestyle' - other posts have featured activities in the school garden, this challenge, and more.
Another school-wide healthy announcement from Eliza, our student representative on the Coordinated School Health team. Thanks Eliza! The blue activity tracking wristband she is wearing is part of the UNICEF kid power challenge.
WOW!!! The 3rd-5th graders at Lee have been doing the UNICEF Kid Power challenge for one week now, and they have collectively walked over 9 MILLION steps, amounting to over 3,000 miles! Lee is a small school, so that is a lot of miles per student. Way to go kids!! (Sorry the picture got cropped)
The CSH team is planning yet another activity to encourage healthy eating - Lunch with Dads on April 10. Cool idea, let's pack the school with Dads eating healthy lunches!
Healthy announcement with our Principal holding the mic! Nice teamwork!!