Paint Our Blacktop

Current $510
Goal $450
Our school has a group of children who are ambassadors for the Mayor's Fitness Council of San Antonio.

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Project Details

Our school has a group of children who are ambassadors for the Mayor's Fitness Council of San Antonio. When our ambassadors had an opportunity to brainstorm ideas on how to get kids to increase their level of activity, they realized there were not many options except to play on the playground. Our school was fortunate enough to receive a grant for a beautiful garden. Although the garden has benefitted our school, we lost a large space where the children could run and play. The ambassadors continued to brainstorm on how to solve this problem and we came up with Fuel Up 60. Our district has purchased the stencil set for Fuel Up 60 and painted it only at six campuses throughout the entire district. Unfortunately, our campus was not one of the six selected schools. The Fuel Up 60 has games and activities which will be painted on our blacktop and courtyard area. We need funds to purchase paint, brushes, and other materials to make this project happen. The student ambassadors along with a group of adults are willing to work on a Saturday in order to complete this project. Once the stencils are in place, this will give the children various activities and games to play at recess with little or no equipment. Any donation would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support to keep our students healthy and moving!

Partial Funding Plan

If we don't reach our funding goal...We will solicit businesses in our community to help us out.

Healthy Activities

3/1/16 Ms. Robinson's Kinder class being active doing the geography jaunt! Way to kick off our Energizer activities!
Mrs. Reasor's 1st grade class attempting to do the "one behind " activity! great kickoff before spring break 3/8/16
3/9/16. Mrs. Hernandez's class answering true / false questions with half squats and toe raises! Way to work it!
3/10/16 Mrs. Cosio-Burger's class trying to do the ABC -123 activity! Great job Kinder!
Mrs. Vargas's dual language class finishing the week with ABC-123 Activity in Spanish! Sí se puede! 3/11/16
3/11/16 Mrs. Franco with commit your energy -"The choices you make will shape who you are for life! Commit to finding ways to be the best and healthiest you!
3/21/16 Some of Mrs. M. Hernandez's class getting re-energized after spring break with the "All about you" activity. Keep on moving!
3/22/16 Some of Mr. Broussard's class with the all about you activity. Busy with raising the roof! Way to get energized!
3/23/16 Mrs. Medellin's class with the True or False activity!!! Keep on moving!!!
3/21/16 Coach Schoultz's message from the serve your community portion. You are an important part of your community. Volunteer to help others make healthy choices.
3/22/16 Gia with the Fuel for strength portion. Just 5 fruits and vegetables a day can help give you the energy you need to succeed in school. Strive for 5!
3/23/16 Kayla with the Move Your Body section. Being active can help you do better in school. Move your body. Power your mind.
3/24/16 Juan Carlos with the Practice Healthy Habits section. By standing and stretching, performing exercises, or refilling your water bottle.